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1/1 Youth Protection
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Welcome to Troop 10!

Are you prepared? Prepared to sleep in the woods? Prepared to cook over a campfire? Prepared to climb a 5 story tower and then rappel back down? Prepared to hike for 5 days in the woods carrying everything you need in your backpack? Prepared to share stories and songs around the campfire? Prepared to lead others?

If you are looking for adventure, if you want to challenge your body and mind in the outdoors, then be a Scout in Troop 10. It’s challenging and it's FUN!

Click the 'Joining' tab at the top for more information and meeting details.

Are you looking for a way to help our troop ...

... but you don't have a lot of time to commit?

Do we have a job for you!!

We are looking for someone to put together the permission slips necessary for campouts and other outings.  You will work with the Assistant Scout Masters to get this done.  The templates are already put together; they just need a few edits to update the information for the current year.  

This works out to be about a once-a-month job.

Please consider volunteering! 


Are You Hungry?

Do you ever get a craving for one of the great dishes you've had at a Court of Honor?  Check out the News Tab for a delicious surprise!

We Need Committee Members!

Parents --

Please consider actively participating in your son’s troop by joining the committee.  It's a wonderful opportunity for you to help and provide input for the development of our troop.

Come to our next meeting to see what we do! (check the calendar for dates)  

Please contact the Committee Chair, if you would like to join or need more information!


Always Check the News Tab ...

... for special Scouting deals!

... for photos from our latest outings OR visit our Flickr Photostream directly.

Protecting God's Children Class Now Offered Online!

The Rockford Diocese is now offering its Protecting God's Children class through Virtus Online.  You can find information directly on the Virtus Online website.

Instructions for using Virtus Online in addition to the schedule for in-person classes can be found on the PGC page of the Rockford Diocese website:   Protecting God's Children


Catch the Action!
For the latest news on past events ...
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What Keeps us Busy Through the Year?
  • January: Ski campout
  • February/March: Scout Sunday
  • March: Spring Court of Honor
  • May: Memorial Day service activities
  • June: Induction Ceremony
  • July: 7-day Summer Camp
  • July/Aug: 7-10 Day High Adventure Trip
  • September: Cathoree
  • October: Fall Court of Honor
  • November: College Campout
  • December: Day-trip to Chicago (or another fun location)

Every month we go on themed campouts where you have lots of opportunities to earn merit badges and grow in your leadership skills.

Come join Troop 10! Where adventure is a way of life!


We never go hungry!

A scout is ... resourceful? Some scouts will eat anything!